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  • The Marquesas Islands were discovered on the 21st of July 1 595 by Alvaro Mendana, who, however, only knew of the southeastern group, to which he gave the name by which they are generally known (although they also bear his own), in honour of Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, marquis of Canete, viceroy of Peru, and patron of the voyage.
  • JUAN DE PALAFOX DE MENDOZA (1600-1659), Spanish bishop, was born in Aragon.
  • Peter Martyr in a letter to Lope Hurtado de Mendoza in 1513 is the first to state that it is of native origin.
  • After the murder of William the Silent (1584) Elizabeth sided more openly with the Dutch; the Spanish ambassador Mendoza was expelled from England for his intrigues with Elizabeths enemies (1586); and Execution on the discovery of Babingtons plot Elizabeth yielded of Maiy, to the demand of her parliament and her ministers queen of for Marys execution (1587); her death removed the ~ only possible centre for a Catholic rebellion in case of a Spanish attack.
  • PEDRO GONZALEZ DE MENDOZA (1 4 28 - 1 495), Spanish cardinal and statesman, was the fourth son of Inigo Lopez de Mendoza, marquess of Santillana, and duke of Infantado.

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