Sentence Examples

  • The translator was Tsubouchi Shyo, one of the greatest writers of the Meiji era.
  • Japanese journalistic writing in these early years of Meiji was marred by extreme and pedantic classicism.
  • The vehicles chiefly employed in ante-Meiji days were ox-carriages, norimono, kago and carts drawn by hand.
  • These compilations together with the Nikon Gwaishi (History of Japan Outside the Court), written by Rai Sanyo and published in I827~ constituted the chief sources of historical knowledge before the Meiji era.
  • He also brought out the first literary periodical published in Japan, namely, the Waseda Bungaku, so called because Tsubouchi was professor of literature in the Waseda University, an institution founded by Count Okuma, whose name cannot be omitted from any history of Meiji literature, not as an author but as a patron.