Sentence Examples

  • It has sometimes been claimed that Edison's proposed elevated plates anticipated the subsequent invention by Marconi of the aerial wire or antenna, but it is particularly to be noticed that Edison employed no spark gap or means for creating electrical high frequency oscillations in these wires.
  • Marconi gave great attention to the improvement of devices for the detection of electric waves..
  • The object which Marconi had in view was not merely the detection of electric waves, but their utilization in practical wireless telegraphy.
  • Marconi, Brit.
  • Marconi, however, made the important discovery that if his sensitive tube or coherer had one terminal attached to a metal plate lying on the earth, or buried in it, and the other to an insulated plate elevated at a height above the ground, it could detect the presence of very feeble electric waves of a certain kind originating at a great distance.

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