Sentence Examples

  • Nothing loth, he established a revolutionary tribunal, and formed a body of desperate men, called the Legion of Marat, for the purpose of destroying in the swiftest way the masses of prisoners heaped in the jails.
  • The irritation of the disfranchised proletariat was moreover increased by the appalling dearness of bread and food generally, which the suspicious temper of the timesfomented by the tirades of Marat in the A mi du peupleascribed to English intrigues in revenge for the aid given by France to the American colonies, and to the treachery in high places that made these intrigues successful.
  • They drove him into the arms of Robespierre, Marat and the Commune of Paris.
  • The Girondins, discredited in Paris, multiplied their attacks upon Danton, now the master: they attributed the civil war and the disasters of the foreign campaign to the ?I~ despotism of the Paris Commune and the clubs; they the corn- accused Marat of instigating the September massacres; mane and they began the supreme struggle by demanding the a~d the election of a committee of twelve deputies, charged with ron e.
  • Marat himself sounded the tocsin, and Hanriot, at the head of the Parisian army, surrounded tl~e Convention.

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