Sentence Examples

  • It is bounded by the dependent state of Manipur, by the Mishmi hills, and by portions of Chinese territory; on the E.
  • The new king was intent, like his predecessors, on the conquest of the adjacent states, and accordingly made war in 1765 on the Manipur kingdom, and also on the Siamese, with partial success.
  • It happened, accordingly, that the Burmese, carrying their arms into Assam and Manipur, penetrated to the British border near Sylhet, odthe north-east frontier of Bengal, beyond which were the possessions of the chiefs of Cachar, under the protection of the British government.
  • The four crore people of bundelkhand speak Bundeli language having same culture .So they collectively deserve for own statehood .Sanjay Pandey the leader of Bundelkhand Akikrit Party says that the area of bundelkhand region is nearly 2.5 lakh square KM, which is more than the areas of Tripura,Meghalaya,Himachal Pradesh,Haryana,Mijoram,Manipur etc. If Bundelkhand is formed ;it will be the ninth bigger state of India.
  • The Assam Indigenous, in its two sub-races of Singlo and Bazalona, and the Manipur, originally found wild in the jungles of the native state of that name, have, with various intermixtures and crossings, been used to cover the greatest areas of all the more modern planting in India, Ceylon and Java.

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