Sentence Examples

  • Malpighi, who affirmed that the body of the chick is to be seen in the egg before the punctum sanguineum makes it appearance.
  • The views of Malpighi were warmly welcomed on philosophical grounds by Leibnitz, 4 who found in them a support to his 1 The Exercitationes de generatione animalium, which Dr George Ent extracted from him and published in 1651.
  • 11 n'y a point de tel passage; et c'est ici ou les transformations de Messieurs Swammerdam, Malpighi, et Leewenhoek, qui sont des plus excellens observateurs de notre tems, sont venues a mon secours et m'ont fait admettre plus aisement, que 1'animal, et toute autre substance organisee ne commence point lorsque nous le croyons, et que sa generation apparente n'est qu'un developpement et une espece d'augmentation.
  • The Englishman Grew and the Italian Malpighi almost simultaneously published ifiustrated works on the subject, in which they described, for the most part very accurately, what they saw with the new instruments.
  • Malpighi ~fl 1679 gave excellent figures and accounts of leaf-roUing and gall insects, and Grew in 1682 equally good descriptions of a leafmining caterpillar.

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