Sentence Examples

  • The new power which now rose, to the first rank, created by Philip of Macedon, bad no engrained tendency inimical to the Persian.
  • Then in 306 B.C. Demetrius Poliorcetes of Macedon overran the whole island, besieged Salamis, and utterly defeated there the Egyptian fleet.
  • Both belong to a period in Greek history when the great city states had exhausted themselves in the futile struggle against Macedon and Rome, and both represent a conscious popular determination in the direction of systematic government.
  • Of Macedon and took no part in the battle of Chaeroneia (338 B.C.).
  • For centuries there had been a dispute between Messenia and Sparta about the possession of the Ager Dentheliates on the western slope of Taygetus: after various decisions by Philip of Macedon, Antigonus, Mummius, Caesar, Antony, Augustus and others, the question was settled in A.D.

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