Sentence Examples

  • It was colonized by Timoleon in 338 B.C. with settlers from Velia in Lucania, and in the time of the tyrant Phintias (289-279) it had regained some of its power.
  • Its southern extremity, Calabria, forms a complete peninsula, being united to the mass of Lucania or the Basilicata by an isthmus isthmus 35 m.
  • It thus still comprised only the two provinces subsequently known as Lucania and Bruttium (see references s.v.
  • How far also the language or languages spoken in Bruttium and at certain points of Lucania, such as Anxia, differed from the Oscan of Samnium and Campania there is not enough evidence to show (see BRUTTII).
  • The third region contained Lucania and Bruttiuin; it was bounded on the west coast by the Silarus, on the east by the Bradanus.

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