Sentence Examples

  • The stance taken by networks like Limewire is that they are not responsible for what people do with their service - they simply provide a network that some people use to trade in accordance with copyright laws and some people don't.
  • From there, you will have the option of highlighting and deleting the file from your search engine (some keep their results history empty as a means to avoid potential lawsuits) or saving the file in your LimeWire library.
  • Thanks to the latest Limewire version and the Mac operating system addition, however, Apple computer users can not only get a P2P network, but they can log into a P2P system that might just be the best one in the world.
  • However, because LimeWire is used by over 1 million people daily, is plugged into the Gnutella network, and functions on all operating system, unlike other P2Ps, its variety of files available to download is unrivaled.
  • Another common complaint about Etomi Pro is that its P2P program is actually a free, open-source program like Limewire Pro with a few style changes, so users are paying to use something widely available at no cost.

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