Sentence Examples

  • It is here that Busiris enters into the circle of the myths and parerga of Heracles, who had arrived in Egypt from Libya, and was seized and bound ready to be killed and offered at the altar of Zeus in Memphis.
  • In the oldest (Pindar) the "Argo" sailed along the river Phasis into the eastern Oceanus, round Asia to the south coast of Libya, thence to the mythical lake Tritonis, of ter being carried twelve days over land through Libya, and thence again to Iolcus.
  • In order to get possession of them, Heracles travelled through Europe and Libya, set up the two pillars in the Straits of Gibraltar to show the extent of his journey, and reached the great river Oceanus.
  • He was a native of Leptis in Libya, but resided for the most part in Rome.
  • Their home is on the farthest side of the western ocean; according to later authorities, in Libya (Hesiod, Theog.

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