Sentence Examples

  • Leibniz, on the other hand, regarded his monad as the ultimate element of everything.
  • That in it first and in it alone this condition is realized - the individual soul must be held to be an ultimate reality reflecting in its inmost nature, like the monad of Leibniz, the complete fulness and harmony of the whole.
  • Seit Leibniz (1873, ed.
  • Probleme in dem Briefwechsel Leibniz and Clarke, Giessen, 1893).
  • The System der Logik (1828) of Bachmann (a Kantian logician of distinction) contains a historical survey (pp. 569-644), as does the Denklehre (1822) of van Calker (allied in thought to Fries), pp. 12 sqq.; Eberstein's Geschichte der Logik and Metaphysik bei den Deutschen von Leibniz bis auf gegenwartige Zeit (latest edition, 1 799) is still of importance in regard to logicians of the school of Wolff and the origines of Kant's logical thought.

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