Sentence Examples

  • Their own name for themselves in the 4th century B.C. was Ausones, and in Greek writers we find the name Ausonia applied to Latium and Campania (see Strabo v.
  • HERNICI, an ancient people of Italy, whose territory was in Latium between the Fucine Lake and the Trerus, bounded b'y the Volscian on the S., and by the Aequian and the Marsian on the N.
  • 24) describes as able to furnish troops in 225 B.C.; by that date, therefore, their territory cannot have been distinguished from Latium generally, and it seems probable (Beloch, Ital.
  • Latin legend represented her as landing on the coast of Latium and marrying Pilumnus or Picumnus, from whom Turnus, king of the Rutulians, was descended.
  • FIDENAE, an ancient town of Latium, situated about 5 m.

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