Sentence Examples

  • The town of Shushter, with a population of 15,000, is situated at the point where the river Karun, after breaking through the Fedelek hills, bifurcates into the Gerger canal, flowing E., and the Shutait river flowing W.
  • At the point of the divergence of the Gerger from the Karun, 600 yds.
  • Then the Band i Mizan and the great bridge were erected across the river and finally a dam was constructed across the Gerger canal, where is now the Pul i Bulaiti, so as to turn back the Karun into its original channel, but a later, by means of sluices and tunnels, the flow of water was regulated in such a manner that two-sixths of the water flowed east and four-sixths west of the town.
  • The soil is very fertile, but since the dam over the Karun at Ahvaz was swept away and the numerous canals which diverted the waters of the river for irrigation became useless, a great part of the province is uncultivated, and most of the crops and produce depend for water on rainfall and wells.
  • After the generals arrival the march upon Borazjan and the engagement at Khushabtwo places on the road to Shirazand the operations at Muhamiah and the Karun River decided the campaign in favor of England.

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