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  • It is in the neighbourhood of a lead and zinc mining region, where surface lead was discovered in 1873 and systematic mining began in 1887; among the cities of the state it is second to Joplin in mineral importance, and has large ironworks and flour-mills; mining machinery also is manufactured.
  • Jacob's Cavern (q.v.), near Pineville, McDonald county, disclosed on exploration skeletons of men and animals, rude implements, &c. Crystal Cave, near Joplin, Jasper county, has its entire surface lined with calcite crystals and scalenohedron formations, from I ft.
  • The so-called "Joplin district" of south-western Missouri and south-eastern Kansas-three-fourths of it being in Missouri-produces ninetenths of all the zinc mined in the United States.
  • The history of the St Francois, Granby and Joplin districts has been sensational.
  • Of the total output in 1900, three-fourths were made up by the output of St Louis ($233,629,733; of which $193,732,788 was from establishments under the "factory system"), Kansas City ($36,527,392; $23,588,653 being "factory product"), St Joseph ($31,690,736, including the product of some establishments outside the city limits; $11,361,939 being "factory product" within the city limits), and Springfield ($4,126,871; $3,433, 80 0 being "factory product"); for the same four cities in 1905 the proportion of the state's total product ($439,54 8, 957) manufactured under the "factory system" is smaller, and less than three-fourths was made up by the following seven cities: St Louis ($267,307,038), Kansas City ($35,573,049), St Joseph ($ 11, 573,7 2 0), Springfield ($5,293,315), Hannibal($ 4,44 2, 0 99), Jefferson City ($3,926,632), and Joplin ($3,006,203).

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