Sentence Examples

  • The Confederates now abandoned all idea of regaining the Decatur line, and based themselves on Jonesboro' and the Macon railway.
  • Only a small force was left to guard the Chattanooga railway, and the Union forces, Howard on the right, Thomas in the centre, and Schofield on the left, reached the railway after some sharp fighting (action of Jonesboro', September 1).
  • An attack on the Army of the Ohio near Jonesboro concluded the Atlanta campaign, which left Sherman in control of Atlanta, but hampered by the necessity of preserving his communications with Chattanooga and weakened by a total loss of 30,000 men.
  • The other debates were: at Jonesboro, in the southern part of the state, on the 15th of September; at Charleston, 150 m.
  • Of Jonesboro, on the 18th of September; and, in the western part of the state, at Galesburg (Oct.