Sentence Examples

  • Most developers make sure that their websites can still communicate the message they want whether JavaScript is enabled or not; others put the interactive parts into other kinds of interactivity such as CSS, AJAX, Flash, and widgets.
  • Because javascript is a computing language, clever but unethical programmers have used it to create exploits and viruses that can be very damaging to your computer and use it as a platform for doing more bad things to other computer.
  • Javascript is a programming language in its own right, though a fairly limited one; it turns the browser itself into a computing platform enabling better interaction with website visitors and up-to-the minute dynamic content.
  • This is a relatively new development, and was probably spurred by the fact that people who did have some expertise in the realm of CSS, HTML, and javascript were able to do astonishing things with their Xanga design codes.
  • While you should be concerned about downloading and installing ActiveX controls, Javascript is not a serious security threat and you should leave it enabled if you want most of the web pages you visit to work correctly.