Sentence Examples

  • In 1633 Captain William Holmes, of the Plymouth Colony, established near the mouth of the Farmington river a trading post, the first settlement by Englishmen in Connecticut; a more important and a permanent settlement (until 1637 called New Dorchester) was made in 1635 by immigrants from Dorchester, Massachusetts, led by the Rev. John Wareham, Roger Ludlow and others.
  • For their All-Fathers see Holmes, J.
  • This was superseded in 1664 by a fort built by Captain (afterwards Admiral Sir Robert) Holmes on a small island 20 m.
  • Holmes (1804-1880), who hoped to raise the siege of Vicksburg or close the river to the Union forces.
  • Elbridge Gerry lived and James Russell Lowell was born, lived and died in "Elmwood" (built in 1767); Oliver Wendell Holmes was born in Cambridge also; John Fiske, the historian, lived here; and there are many other literary associations, attractive and important for those interested in American letters.

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