Sentence Examples

  • MELCHIOR HOFMANN (c. 1 49 8 - 1 543-4), anabaptist, was born at Hall, in Swabia, before 1500 (Zur Linden suggests 1498) .
  • By way of Livonia, Hofmann arrived at Dorpat in November 1524, but was driven thence in the following January.
  • At a colloquy of preachers in Flensburg (8th April 1529) Hofmann, John Campanus and others were put on their defence.
  • Hofmann maintained (against the "magic" of the Lutherans) that the function of the Eucharist, like that of preaching, is an appeal for spiritual union with Christ.
  • Hofmann and Claus Frey, an anabaptist, were detained in prison, a measure due to the terror excited by the Minster episode of 1533-1534.

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