Sentence Examples

  • Hoffmann, John P., et al. "Onset of Major Depressive Disorder among Adolescents."
  • Hoffmann and others, Der Harz (Leipzig, 1899), Harzwanderungen (Leipzig, 1902); Hampe, Flora Hercynica (Halle, 1873); von Groddeck, Abriss der Geognosie des Harzes (2nd ed., Klausthal, 1883); Prbhle, Harzsagen (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1886); Hautzinger, Der Kupferand Silbersegen des Harzes (Berlin, 1877); Hoppe, Die Bergwerke im Oberand Unterharz (Klausthal, 1883); Schulze, Lithia Hercynica (Leipzig, 18 95); Li decke, Die Minerale des Harzes (Berlin, 1896).
  • The question was raised in France in 1843 by the case of the Spanish consul Soller at Aix, and in America in 1854 by the case of Dillon, the French consul at San Francisco, who, on being arrested by Judge Hoffmann for declining to give evidence in a criminal suit, pulled down his consular flag.
  • The government of the country was then handed over to the imperial ministry of finance; but the bureaucratic methods of the finance ministers, Baron von Hoffmann and Joseph de Szlavy, resulted only in the insurrection of 1881-82.
  • - Schubert, De Romanorum Aedilibus (1828); Hoffmann, De Aedilibus Romanis (1842); G011, De Aedilibus sub Caesarum Imperio (1860); Labatut, Les Ediles et les mccurs 0868); MarquardtMommsen, Handbuch der romischen Altertiimer, ii.