Sentence Examples

  • The first of the three regions is the Himalaya mountains and their off-shoots to the southward, comprising a system of stupendous ranges, the loftiest in the world.
  • The average elevation of the Himalaya crest may be taken at not less than 19,000 ft., and therefore equal to the height of the lower half of the atmosphere; and indeed few of the passes are under 16,000 or 17,000 ft.
  • Monsoon in India, beating along the southern slopes of the Himalaya, travel up the Kabul valley as far as Laghman, though they are more clearly felt in Bajour and Panjkora, under the high spurs of the Hindu Kush, and in the eastern branches of Safed Koh.
  • MARMOT, the vernacular name of a large, thickly built, burrowing Alpine rodent mammal, allied to the squirrels, and typifying the genus Arctomys, of which there are numerous species ranging from the Alps through Asia north of (but including the inner ranges of) the Himalaya, and recurring in North America.
  • On the number and relations of these prisms the voles, which form an exceedingly large group, ranging all over Europe and Asia north of (and inclusive of) the Himalaya, and North America, are divided into genera and subgenera.

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