Sentence Examples

  • 29) that the town was called in older times Diospolis and Rhoas; but at an early period Colossae, a few miles to the east, and Hierapolis, 6 m.
  • 15) alludes to the situation of Laodicea beside Colossae and Hierapolis; and the order in which the last five churches of the Apocalypse are enumerated (Rev. i.
  • He must he distinguished from the bishop of Hierapolis who bore the same name, and who wrote one of the early Christian "Apologies" (c. 170).
  • At Hierapolis (Bambyce) there was a pool with an altar in the middle, sacred to the goddess, where a festival was held, at which her images were carried into the water.
  • PAPIAS, of Hierapolis in Phrygia, one of the "Apostolic Fathers" (q.v.).

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