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  • HCi, Posterior lateral cilia.
  • Nef to be divalent, since these substances readily form addition compounds, such addition taking place on the carbon atom, as is shown by the products of hydrolysis; for example with ethyl carbylamine: C 2 H 5 NC -FCH 3 C0C1--> C 2 H 5 NC(00CH 3)CI -->HCI -{- C2H5NH3 -fCH3CO C02H.
  • Curtius, Ber., 18 94, 2 7, p. 779; 1896, 29, p. 1166), N2H4�H20 HONO R�Cooh-R�COOR' -- R�CONH�NH 2 - > acid ester hydrazide C 2 H50H HCI R.
  • Reissert, Ber., 18 99, 3 2, p. 782), the chief product in this latter reaction being an isoindazolone: // CH2 NHC6H5 /CH2 NH C6H5 /CH2 NC6H5 C6H4 - C6H4 - C6 H4 NH 2 HCI N :NCI N=N The best drawn series of the triazines is the symmetrical or cyanidine series, members of which result from the condensation of acid anhydrides with aromatic amidines (A.

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