Sentence Examples

  • Hartmann, Chronik der Stadt Stuttgart (Stuttgart, 1886) Barth, Stuttgarter Handel in alter Zeit (Stuttgart, 1896); Widmann, Wanderung durch Stuttgart and Umgebung (Stuttgart, 1896); M.
  • The Chorton of Praetorius, a l 4 22.8, is practically the same pitch as that of the fork the possession of which has been attributed to Handel, a' 422.5.
  • See Statistik des Herzogtums Sachsen-Meiningen (Meiningen, 1892 fol.); Bruckner, Landeskunde des Herzogtums Sachsen-Meiningen (Meiningen, 1853); Goeckel, Das Staatsrecht des Herzogtums SachsenMeiningen (Jena, 1904); Anschutz, Industrie, Handel and Verkehr im Herzogtum Sachsen-Meiningen (Sonneberg, 1904); and the publications of the Verein fur sachsen-meiningische Geschichte and Landeskunde (Hildburghausen, 1888 fol.).
  • Throughout the 19th century so fatal was the hold obtained on the popular mind by the technical expert's view of instrumentation, that it was impossible to hear the works of Handel and Bach without "additional accompaniments" conceived in terms of art as irrelevant to those of 18th-century polyphonys as the terms of Turnerian landscape are irrelevant to the decoration of the outside walls of a cathedral.
  • The chief work done in instrumentation in the 17th century is undoubtedly that of the Italian writers for the violin, who developed the technique of that instrument until it proved not only more resourceful but more artistically organized than that ' of the solo voice, which by the time of Handel had become little better than an acrobatic monstrosity.

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