Sentence Examples

  • Of the pyramids of Giza, furnish carbonate of soda in large quantities.
  • The pyramids of Giza or Gizeh, on the edge of the desert, 8 m.
  • Marine Pliocene strata occur to the south of the pyramids of Giza and in the Fayum province, where, in addition, some gravel terraces, at a height of 500 ft.
  • Upper Egypt: Giza, Beth Suef, Fayum, Minia, Assiut, Girga, Kena, Assuan.
  • The museum, no lc5nger the property of an individual, was ren~oved in 1889 from the small building at Bulak to a disused palace at Giza, and since 1902 has been established at Kasr-en-Nil, Cairo, in a special building, of ample size and safe from fire and flood.

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