Sentence Examples

  • But Wellhausen 1 is probably right in taking the word as a contraction for Hagariah ("Yahweh hath girded"), just as Zaccai (Zacchaeus) is known to be a contraction of Zechariah.
  • And then he who was to create the knight took the sword and girded him with it, and then embracing him he lifted his right hand and smote him on the neck or shoulder, saying, " Be thou a good knight," a.nd kissed him.
  • The old Prussian capital girded itself at once to fulfil its new role.
  • The lamb thus drained of blood was to be roasted and entirely consumed by the Israelites, who should be ready with loins girded, shoes on feet and staff in hand so as to be prepared for the exodus.
  • It should be eaten with loins girded, shoes on feet, and staff in hand because in haste.