Sentence Examples

  • Mugnier, Les Eveques de Geneve-Annecy, 1 53518 7 0 (Paris, 1888); Pierre de Geneve, St (monograph on the cathedral), 4 parts (Geneva, 1891-1899); A.
  • The first of his numerous writings, Lettres d'un habitant de Geneve, appeared in 1802; but his early writings were mostly scientific and political.
  • Jullien, Histoire de Geneve (new ed., Geneva, 1889); C. Martin, La Maison de Ville de Geneve (Geneva, 1906); Memoires et documents (publ.
  • Huber's Nouvelles observations sur les abeilles (Geneve, 1792) will never be forgotten; they have been matched in recent times by J.
  • A good account of the principal works of Legendre is given in the Bibliotheque universelle de Geneve for 18 33, pp. 45-82.