Sentence Examples

  • The direct line of Portuguese exploration resulted in the discovery of the Cape route to India by Vasco da Gama (1498), and in 1500 to the independent discovery of South America by Pedro Alvarez Cabral.
  • The story of his detention by the governor (officially styled captain) of Malacca - a son of Vasco da Gama named Alvaro de Ataide or Athayde - is told with many picturesque details by F.
  • Da Gama entered Table Bay, but did not land.
  • Employed Jewish physicians; it was a Jew - Abraham Zacuto ben Samuel - who supplied Vasco da Gama with nautical instruments; and Jews were employed in the overland journeys by which the Portuguese court first endeavoured to obtain information on Far Eastern affairs.
  • The voyages of Columbus and of Vasco da Gama were so important that it is unnecessary to detail their results in this place.

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