Sentence Examples

  • G l (Trias-Tertiary); G2, G3 (Rhaetic-Jurassic); G4 (Tertiary, Sakhalin I.); Distribution of the Matonineae, Dipteiidiyake G5 (Jurassic); G6 (Jurassic and Tertiary); G7 (Jurassic); G8 (Rhaetic-Jurassic); G9 (Trias-Rhaetic); Gl0 (Rhaetic, Chile); Gll (Trias);, Ginkgoales.
  • G ', g 2, g3, early stages in the germination of the spores (after being dried several days); h2, i, k, 1 and m, successive stages in the germination of the spore.
  • (p g p, g p, g3 ���) = I; while D rs f =o unless the part rs is involved in f.
  • It had been held that the branches of the g3 Activity end is played upon by other neurons - spinal, cerebral and cerebellar.

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