Sentence Examples

  • In fact, only hosts that either insist you use their web design interface, or those that are specifically designed for other programs (usually Microsoft's FrontPage), will be unfriendly toward Dreamweaver.
  • Adding or changing Microsoft FrontPage backgrounds on your website allows you to choose different looks for each webpage or to keep the webpages looking uniform.There are two main types of backgrounds.
  • Often they are humorously named ("Cleaning Up Your FrontPage Code!" for example) but they are also very useful and may be explained in a way more intuitive than corporate-driven sites.
  • Whether you use Frontpage, Dreamweaver or the open source program Kompozer, the HTML source for a guestbook you choose will fit right into the program and work seamlessly with your other pages.
  • Conversely, if there is a template that is configured to work well with Frontpage, the odds are that it will not work as well with Dreamweaver, the other most popular WYSIWYG editor.

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