Sentence Examples

  • Ita Cornua Ammonis, quae ex nautilorum numero habeantur, passim et forma et magnitudine (nam et pedali diametro aliquando reperiuntur) ab omnibus illis naturis discrepare dicunt, quas praebet mare.
  • The ociational term, in the genitive, may be added to the forma- a~ nal term to indicate the relationship of the formation and the for iociation; thus, a plant association of A mmophila arenaria lea onging to the plant formation of the sand dunes may be pl;ignated an Arenarion Ammo philae-arenaricie (cf.
  • All questions were deliberated and settled in four distinct assemblies - the Italian, the French, the German and the English,' - the decisions of the nations being merely ratified afterwards pro forma by the council in general congregation, and also, if occasion arose, in public session.
  • Forma), in general, the external shape, appearance, configuration of an object, in contradistinction to the matter of which it is composed; thus a speech may contain excellent arguments, - the matter may be good, while the style, grammar, arrangement, - the form - is bad.
  • Within certain limits Croatia's autonomy was respected, but so far from Zagreb being consulted, the terms of the new settlement were in effect dictated from Budapest and only submitted pro forma to a carefully " packed " Croatian Diet, after the bargain between Budapest and Vienna had already made of them an accomplished fact.

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