Sentence Examples

  • Tdm-LI-in, they are heard); t~m-tw-f, he is heard; tdm-n-f, he heard Ldm-n-tw-f, he was heard; also, tdm-ln-f, t~m-11r-f, -fdm-k,-f.
  • .fdm-f seems rather to be imperfect, tdin-n-f perfect, and generally to express the past.
  • With fdm-f (tedmo-f) was a more emphatic form (esdomef), at any rate in the weak verbs.
  • The above, with the relative forms mentioned below, are supposed by Erman to be derived from the participle, which is placed first for emphasis: thus, t~mw tIn, hearing is the king; 1dm-f, for fdm-fy, hearing he is.
  • In the third place, some signs may be transferred to express another root having the same consonants as the first: thus ~, the ear, by a play upon words can express not only .f4m, hear, but also fdm, paint the eyes.

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