Sentence Examples

  • The account of the cult of Ares, for whom no Scythian name is given, appears to be an addition, and the mention of such masses of faggots suggests the wooded district of the agricultural Scythians, not the treeless steppe of the Royal tribe.
  • After he had been tied to the stake and the faggots had been piled, he was for the last time urged to recant, but his only reply was: "God is my witness that I have never taught or preached that which false witnesses have testified against me.
  • To Ares they make a heap of faggots three stades square, with three sides steep and one inclined, and bring to it a hundred and fifty fresh loads of faggots every year.
  • Timber and faggots were hastily collected and Polycarp was placed upon the pyre.
  • In cases where piles have not been used, as at Niederwil and Wauwyl, the substructure is a mass of fascines or faggots laid parallel and crosswise upon one another with intervening layers of brushwood or of clay and gravel, a few piles here and there being fixed throughout the mass to serve as guides or stays.

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