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  • ERATOSTHENES OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 276 - c. 194 B.C.), Greek scientific writer, was born at Cyrene.
  • Eratosthenes was one of the most learned men of antiquity, and wrote on a great number of subjects.
  • Eratosthenes was the founder of scientific chronology in his xpovoypacNa in which he endeavoured to fix the dates of the chief literary and political events from the conquest of Troy.
  • - :"to.o 7() ..i !;.if.)o.en, A There is a complete edition of the fragments of Eratosthenes by Bernhardy (1822); poetical fragments, Hillier (1872); geographical, Seidel (1799) and Berger 0880; «arao-Tepic ot, Schaubach (1795) and Robert (1878).
  • Initiation included also an asylum or refuge within the strong walls of Samothrace, for which purpose it was used among others by Arsinoe, who, to show her gratitude, afterwards caused a monument to be erected there, the ruins of which were explored in 1 A grammarian of Patrae in Achaea (or Patara in Lycia), pupil of Eratosthenes (275-195 B.C.), and author of a periplus and a collection of Delphic oracles.

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