Sentence Examples

  • One mile south-east of the city are a sanitarium and the Eastman mineral springs; within the city also there are springs and bath-houses.
  • Eastman, 1880.
  • Eastman as Text- Cambrian Ordouician Silurian Oeuonian Carboniferous Permian FIG.
  • In the north-eastern part of the city is College Hill Park, and in the centre is Eastman Park (II acres, originally the home of Harvey Gridley Eastman).
  • Other educational institutions are the Lyndon Hall School (1848) for girls, Putnam Hall (for girls), St Faith's School (Protestant Episcopal; removed in 1904 from Saratoga Springs, where it was founded in 1890), Riverview Military Academy (1836), and Eastman Business College, one of the largest commercial schools in the country, founded in 1859 by Harvey Gridley Eastman (1832-1878).