Sentence Examples

  • While some faster processors (including dual-core variants) are in the future roadmap, at the time this article was written, the fastest clock speed found on a current phone is 1GHz.
  • Since Netbooks were released, Atom processors haven't changed that much, but as of this writing, some netbooks for the 2010 holiday season will contain dual-core Atoms.
  • Most netbooks contain an Intel Atom processor of some sort, which is a single core, but some of the newer processors as of this writing are dual-core.
  • As of this writing, Intel processors in consumer-grade desktops and laptops will have either a single-core, dual-core, Core 2 Duos or Quad-cores.
  • Dual-Core: Using the highway analogy above, Dual-Core processors run two lanes for information to pass through.