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  • In France Edouard Adolphe Drumont led the way to a similar animosity, and the popular fury was fanned by the Dreyfus case.
  • Faure's presidency were embittered by the Dreyfus affair, which he was determined to regard as chose jugee.
  • Meanwhile it is legitimate to share the hope expressed by President Roosevelt in his message to Congress of December 1905 that some future Hague conference may succeed in making arbitration the customary method of settling international disputes in all save the few classes of cases indicated above, and that - to quote Mr Roosevelt's words - " these classes may themselves be as sharply defined and rigidly limited as the governmental and social development of the world will for the time being permit."/n==Authorities== - Among special treatises are: Kamarowsky, Le Tribunal international (traduit par Serge de Westman) (Paris, 1887); Rouard de Card, Les Destinees de l'arbitrage international, depuis la sentence rendue par le tribunal de Geneve (Paris, 1892); Michel Revon, L' Arbitrage international (Paris, 1892); Ferdinand Dreyfus, L'Arbitrage international (Paris, 1894) (where the earlier authorities are collected); A.
  • In Les Mceurs de la phylloxera de la vigne (1877); Dreyfus, Uber Phylloxerinen (1889); Lichtenstein, Histoire du phylloxera; the Rapports annuels a la commission superieure du phylloxera; and the excellent Report on Phylloxera drawn up by the Hon.
  • He then became a candidate for the presidency, but was defeated, and his cabinet remained in office till January 1895; it was under it that Captain Dreyfus was arrested and condemned (23rd of December 1894).

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