Sentence Examples

  • While it is something of a technical challenge to learn how to use dreamweaver to edit Blogger templates, it's not as hard as it might seem, and the payoff is both a stunning customized blog and more knowledge of HTML and other web tools.
  • However, some extensions that require extensive configuration such as Flexi CSS Layouts (which enables CSS instead of tables) will have their own menus within the tool suite, usually located to the right of the Dreamweaver screen.
  • In fact, only hosts that either insist you use their web design interface, or those that are specifically designed for other programs (usually Microsoft's FrontPage), will be unfriendly toward Dreamweaver.
  • Whether you use Frontpage, Dreamweaver or the open source program Kompozer, the HTML source for a guestbook you choose will fit right into the program and work seamlessly with your other pages.
  • Easier to learn than Dreamweaver, the robust application includes many themes and plug-ins designed to give complete control and flexibility to web developers for whatever they want to create.