Sentence Examples

  • Dowden, Puritan and Anglican (1901); J.
  • Dowden in the Fortnightly Review (April 1889).
  • Dowden, New Studies in Literature (1895); E.
  • Carstares, State Papers; Keith, Historical Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops (Russel's edition, 1824); Lawson, History of the Scottish Episcopal Church from the Revolution to the Present Time (1843); Stephen, History of the Church of Scotland from the Reformation to the Present Time (4 vols., 1843); Lathbury, History of the Nonjurors (1845); Grub, Ecclesiastical History of Scotland (4 vols., 1861); Dowden, Annotated Scottish Communion Office (1884).
  • Edward Dowden unearthed new correspondence with William Hayley in The Atlantic Monthly (1907).

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