Sentence Examples

  • Instead of using our usual tip line, we conveyed the information directly to Detroit where the abduction took place.
  • Richardson.) Copyright 19 by Detroit Publish FIG.
  • It is served by the Michigan Central, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, the Pere Marquette, and the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line railways, and by electric lines to Detroit and Toledo.
  • The Jay Treaty was ratified in the same year, and in 1796 the British finally evacuated Detroit and the Maumee and Sandusky forts.
  • Toledo is served by the Ann Arbor, the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis, the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee, the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line, the Hocking Valley, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, the Michigan Central, the Pennsylvania, the Pere Marquette, the Toledo, St Louis & Western, the Wabash, and the Wheeling & Lake Erie railways, by a "belt line" (30 m.