Sentence Examples

  • ANHALT, a duchy of Germany, and a constituent state of the German empire, formed, in 1863, by the amalgamation of the two duchies Anhalt-Dessau-Cothen and Anhalt-Bernburg, and comprising all the various Anhalt territories which were sundered apart in 1603.
  • The country is divided into the districts of Dessau, Cothen, Zerbst, Bernburg and Ballenstedt, of which that of Bernburg is the most, and that of Ballenstedt the least, populated.
  • Dessau, Bernburg, Cothen and Zerbst, have populations exceeding 20,000.
  • The supreme ecclesiastical authority is the consistory in Dessau; while a synod of 39 members, elected for six years, assembles at periods to deliberate on internal matters touching the organization of the church.
  • Of Anhalt-Dessau (d.

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