Sentence Examples

  • Soult held Battle of a strong position behind Orthes on heights command Orthes, ing the roads to Dax and St Sever.
  • From Dax, and Hill his left towards the St Sever road.
  • JEAN CHARLES BORDA (1733-1799), French mathematician and nautical astronomer, was born at Dax on the 4th of May 1733 He studied at La Fleche, and at an early age obtained a commission in the cavalry.
  • In 1442 he relieved successively Saint Sever, Dax, Marmande, La Reole, and in 1444 Henry VI.
  • Bath, Buxton and Matlock in England; Mallow in Ireland; Wildbad, Schlangenbad and Badenweiler in Germany; Gastein and Teplitz in Austria; Ragatz in Switzerland; Plombieres and Dax in France; and Bormio in Italy are amongst the best known.