Sentence Examples

  • He drove them out of Moesia across the Danube, where he left them in possession of Dacia, which he did not think himself able to retain; the name was transf erred to Moesia, which was then called Dacia Aureliani.
  • The chronology, however, of Aurelian's reign is very confused, and the abandonment of Dacia is placed by some authorities towards its close.
  • He drove the Vandals out of Dacia, compelled the allegiance of the neighbouring tribes of West Goths, procured the submission of the Herules, of many Slav and Finnish tribes, and even of the Esthonians on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia.
  • Handing over the reins of government to his mother, he set out in 213 for Raetia, where he carried on war against the Alamanni; in 214 he attacked the Goths in Dacia, whence he proceeded by way of Thrace to Asia Minor, and in 215 crossed to Alexandria.
  • Xenopol, Istoria Rominilor din Dacia Traiana (Jassy, 1888-93, 6 vols.

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