Sentence Examples

  • Custer divided his regiment into four commands, his own comprising 262 men.
  • The yearly yield in the decade 1895-1904, according to the most conservative state statistics, varied from 298,599,638 to 72,445,227 bushels, and the average was 178,941,084 bushels, or 190,773,957, omitting the failure of 1901; the yield per acre being similarly 26.35 or 27.9 bushels (12.4 in 1901); 1 in 1906 the crop was 249,782,500 bushels, and the average yield per acre 34.1 bushels; in 1907 the crop was 179,328,000 bushels, and the average yield only 24 bushels per acre, According to the report of the state Board of Agriculture, Custer, Lancaster and Saunders counties produced the largest amounts (each more than 5,000,000 bushels) of Indian corn in 1908.
  • The principal sheep-raising counties are Custer, Yellowstone, whither many sheep are brought to be fattened, Rosebud, Beaverhead, Valley, and Meagher.
  • Cabinet (1,020,960 acres), Custer (590,720 acres), Deerlodge (I, 080,220 acres), Flathead (2,092,785 acres), Gallatin (907,160 acres), Helena (930,180 acres), Jefferson (1, 2 55,3 20 acres), Kootenai (1,661,260 acres), Lewis and Clark (844,136 acres), Lolo (1,211,680 acres), Madison (1,102,860 acres), Missoula (1,237,509 acres) and Sioux (145,253 acres in Montana; 104,400 acres in SouthDakota).
  • Custer was sent up the Rosebud, and on the morning of the 25th passed over the divide of the Little Big Horn, where the Sioux were soon discovered.