Sentence Examples

  • CUMANA, a city and port of Venezuela, capital of the state of Bermudez, situated on the Manzanares river about i m.
  • It was created in 1881 by the union of the states of Barcelona, Cumana and Maturin, dissolved in 1901 into its three original states, and reorganized in 1904 with a slight modification of territory.
  • Of a district of the same name, and Cumana (10,000), on the gulf of Cariaco, founded in.
  • Behind the wide bay between Cape Codera and Cumana there is an interruption in the Maritime Andes; but both ranges reappear between Cumana and the Gulf of Paria.
  • At La Guaira the mean temperature for the year is 85° F., at Caracas (3025 ft.) it is 71.2° (or 66.2° according to an official return), at Cumana it is 83°, at Valencia 76°, Coro 82°, Barquisimeto 78°, Yaritagua 80 6°, Merida 61°, Trujillo 72°,72°, and Maracaibo 81°.

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