Sentence Examples

  • The metal was detected in the mineral strontianite, found at Strontian in Argyllshire, by Cruikshank in 1787, and by Crawford in 17 9 0; and the discovery was confirmed by Hope in 1792 and by Klaproth in 1793.
  • Several of Ainsworth's romances, illustrated by Cruikshank, first saw the light in Bentley.
  • Cruikshank concluded that it was an oxide of carbon, a fact which was confirmed by Clement and J.
  • Cruikshank was already experimenting with a process of electro-plating, and in 1837 Mr Spencer in England, and in 1838 Professor M.
  • Since then various editions of the Pilgrim's Progress, many illustrated (by Cruikshank, Byam Shaw, W.