Sentence Examples

  • Stationery Grill: With a stationery grill, it can be difficult to make sure that food stays just the right distance from the fire while it is cooking, often resulting in edges that are a bit more crispy than the chef would prefer.
  • Unlike most traditional rice cookers which make loose or "sticky" rice, Persian cookers are designed to cook the rice in such a way that a light and crispy crust develops on the bottom of the rice.
  • Whether you love a crispy tossed salad with grilled chicken or a savory vegetable soup, you'll find a variety of low carb lunches that are simple to prepare.
  • To make the skin crispy on a turkey, wait until the last 45 minutes of cooking and baste the turkey with butter and place it in your regular oven.
  • Even more than producing a crispy, juicy turkey, using a roaster oven will provide you with a number of advantages you may never have realized.