Sentence Examples

  • On the right and the New Zealanders on the left, carried Gonnelieu and Banteux in the right section, securing a bridge-head at Crevecoeur in the left section of its zone of attack.
  • The township of Saint Johnsbury was granted to Dr Jonathan Arnold (1741-1793)" and associates in 1786; in the same year a settlement was established and the place was named in honour of Jean Hector Saint John de Crevecoeur (1731-1813), who wrote Letters of an American Farmer (1782), a glowing description of America, which brought thither many immigrants, and who introduced potato planting into France.
  • The best of the novelists of this period, excluding Charles de Coster, was perhaps Estelle Ruelens (née Crevecoeur; 1821-1878); she wrote under the pseudonym of " Caroline Graviere."