Sentence Examples

  • Vincent Crabbe - Draco Malfoy's friend fell in service to Voldemort.
  • He thought his poetry too imitative, detecting not only the truthful severity of Crabbe, but a "slight bravura dash of the fair tuneful Hemans."
  • The poet Aarestrup (in 1848) declared that Blicher had raised the Danish language to the dignity of Icelandic. Blicher is a stern realist, in many points akin to Crabbe, and takes a singular position among the romantic idealists of the period, being like them, however, in the love of precise and choice language, and hatred of the mere commonplaces of imaginative writing.
  • A brother wizard in the English fleet, by name Stephen Crabbe,' detected him while he was invisible to others.
  • The bold and patriotic Crabbe contrived to board the bewitched flagship, and was seen apparently laying about him with an axe on the water - which the spectators took to be a proof either that he was mad, or that this was the devil in his shape.