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  • The poet Aarestrup (in 1848) declared that Blicher had raised the Danish language to the dignity of Icelandic. Blicher is a stern realist, in many points akin to Crabbe, and takes a singular position among the romantic idealists of the period, being like them, however, in the love of precise and choice language, and hatred of the mere commonplaces of imaginative writing.
  • A brother wizard in the English fleet, by name Stephen Crabbe,' detected him while he was invisible to others.
  • The bold and patriotic Crabbe contrived to board the bewitched flagship, and was seen apparently laying about him with an axe on the water - which the spectators took to be a proof either that he was mad, or that this was the devil in his shape.
  • Crabbe was torn to pieces - presumably by the familiar spirits of the Monk - and the fragments were scattered over the water.
  • His works include: Charles Lamb (1882) and Crabbe (1903) in the "English Men of Letters" series; editions of Lamb's Essays of Elia (1883) and of his Letters (1888; 2nd ed., 1904), of the Poems (1897) of Thomas Hood, with a biographical introduction; The Life and Works of Charles Lamb (12 vols., 1899-1900); articles on Tennyson and Du Maurier in the Dictionary of National Biography; The Gospel and Human Life (1904), sermons; Lectures and Essays (2 vols., 1905), edited by the Rev. H.

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