Sentence Examples

  • In his Discorso intorno alle cose the stanno su l'acqua, published in 1612, he used the principle of virtual velocities to demonstrate the more important theorems of hydrostatics, deducing from it the equilibrium of fluid in a siphon, and proved against the Aristotelians that the floating of solid bodies in a liquid depends not upon their form, but upon their specific gravities relative to such liquid.
  • P~ sinO p, cose 210s If a screw rotates, the number of threads which pass a fixed point in one revolution is the number of threads in the screw.
  • When the Austrians returned Cattaneo had to flee, and took refuge at Lugano, where he gave lessons, wrote his Storia della Rivoluzione del 1848, the Archivio triennale delle cose d'Italia (3 vols., 1850-1855), and then early in 1860 he started the Politecnico once more.
  • See Mustoxidi, Delle cose Corciresi (Corfu, 1848); Lunzi, IIEpi Tjs - 'ETrramp-a 'Ever&v (Athens, 1856); Ansted, The I.
  • At one time (according to Mustoxidi, Delle cose corciresi) the tradition prevailed that the traitor's house and country villa existed in the island, and that his descendants were to be found among the local Jews.

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