Sentence Examples

  • Laromiguiere taught the philosophy of Locke and Condillac, happily modified on some points, with a clearness and grace which in appearance at least removed difficulties, and with a charm of spiritual bonhomie which penetrated and subdued."
  • This teacher, as he tells us, "by the severity of his logic, the gravity and weight of his words, turned me by degrees, and not without resistance, from the beaten path of Condillac into the way which has since become so easy, but which was then painful and unfrequented, that of the Scottish philosophy."
  • This observational method Cousin regards as that of the 18th century, - the method which Descartes began and abandoned, and which Locke and Condillac applied, though imperfectly, and which Reid and Kant used with more success, yet not completely.
  • Condillac, in the same spirit, says of him, " personne n'a mieux connu que lui la cause de nos erreurs."
  • Condillac goes a step farther, and sees no necessity for the superstructure at all, with its need of explanation valid or invalid.

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